Driven since that moment in the blackbox audience, Bonnie studied in New York and Los Angeles with luminaries Bob Krakower, Lesly Kahn, Patsy Rodenburg, and Larry Moss, going on to establish herself as a versatile actress on both screen and stage.

On television, Bonnie has worked in both drama and comedy: as an animal rights activist on USA’s crime-drama LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT; Matt Bomer’s sophisticated mark on USA’s dramedy WHITE COLLAR; and the fulfillment of Alec Baldwin’s long-standing wish for a hot secretary on NBC’s hit comedy 30 ROCK.

Her talents for telling stories about obsession, risk, and moral ambiguity have landed her in several celebrated indie films, including military drama RETURN (a Cannes Directors Fortnight selection) as the other woman in Michael Shannon’s marriage to Linda Cardellini; romantic feature IN LIEU OF FLOWERS, as the unfaithful ‘ex’ Josh Pence can’t stop thinking about; and action-thriller VAMPERIFICA, as a vampire consumed with regaining royal favor. Most recently, she inducted Tasha Ames into the world of polyamory in relationship drama WOMEN AND SOMETIMES MEN.

Bonnie's work in short films explores the same themes. In the envelope-pushing short ERECTION, she wrestles with the her relationship with Luke MacFarlane; and in the recent ANNIVERSARY, struggles to prioritize her marriage despite a busy career. 

Off-Broadway, Bonniee appeared in the macabre, vaudeville-inspired period piece MAXIMUM RISK. This show began her partnership with David Adamovich, with whom she currently holds a world record for "most knives thrown around a human target ladder-of-death style in 1 minute."

Online, Bonnie got her start in the fan favorite series HAUTE & BOTHERED, from the executive producers of “Gossip Girl.” More recently, she played conflicted straight-woman Joan in the satire SYLVIA PLATH: GIRL DETECTIVE (WGA Award, “Best Short Form New Media").

Bonnie lives with her husband in New York and Los Angeles. For fun, she lifts heavy things and puts them back down, cooks (sometimes with a blowtorch), and writes. She loves MASTERS OF SEX, THE KNICK, SHERLOCK, and anything else that makes her wonder, "What would I do?"